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Real-Time Systems GmbH is a leading provider of real-time virtualization and operating system technology, engineering services, and products for embedded and real-time systems. With an extensive knowledge of quality software design, Real-Time Systems GmbH provides a competitive advantage to their customers. Real-Time Systems GmbH is privately held and maintains its corporate headquarters in Ravensburg, Germany, with partners in Europe, the US, and Asia.

Embedded virtualization/real-time hypervisor solution for x86; suitable for hard real-time and embedded designs

The RTS Hypervisor has been designed to work seamlessly with VxWorks and is available for the most current Wind River operating system versions. In addition to its real-time virtualization solution, a "Precision Time Protocol" stack (IEEE 1588, PTP, 802.1AS) is available.

  • Seamless integration and compatibility with the latest Wind River products
  • Built, tested, and proven in hard real-time applications
  • Scalable and easy-to-use products

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Real-Time Systems GmbH
Gartenstrasse 33, Ravensburg, Germany, 88212
+49(0)751 359 558 -0

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