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C3ITOP Co. Ltd is a high-tech company composed of top professionals with many years' experience in embedded computer technology. The company attaches great importance to research and development of technology. In business for just six years, it has achieved breakthroughs in various basic and application fields of embedded graphic images, and its technologies in some fields have reached international advanced level. C3ITOP Co. Ltd. is authorized as a double soft company by Beijing Software Industry Association, and is a strategic partner of leading embedded suppliers as AMD, Wind River, Reworks and Loongson.

C3ITOP concentrates on the embedded graphics field. In 2008, it launched an Intel 945 integrated display card driver under VxWorks, which became the first 3D display driver under VxWorks in the world. In 2011, C3ITOP introduced the graphics card driver of ATI E4690 (M96) for VxWorks. In 2015, C3ITOP published ATI APU(GX-210HA)Serials OpenGL driver for Vxworks OS and the first solution of 3D scene rendering on VxWorks in China. C3ITOP continues its groundbreaking research in the embedded graphic field to provide more solutions for its customers.

C3ITOP helps customers set up a graphic environment and use GPU to fulfill embedded graphic applications with VxWorks

Focused on embedded graphic solutions, C3ITOP has published many solutions, from 3D graphic drivers to embedded GUIs, to 3D scene rendering to multimedia middleware. These solutions help customers to fulfill embedded graphic application in VxWorks.

  • Extend the VxWorks OS application to the field of display, 3D rendering
  • Embedded graphic solution
  • GPU 3D driver for VxWorks
  • 3D Scene Rendering
  • GUI and middleware for VxWorks
  • Extend the VxWorks OS application to the field of multi-media playing

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