Simplify How You Build Applications
for the Internet of Things

Wind River® Helix App Cloud speeds creation of Internet of Things (IoT) software
for system manufacturers, integrators, and operators.

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With App Cloud, Anyone Can Build Applications for IoT Devices

App Cloud provides a cloud-based development environment that removes the traditional complexities of building applications on IoT devices that use embedded and real-time operating systems. Software engineers can easily access both physical and remote devices without having expertise in the underlying operating system or device hardware.

With App Cloud, organizations can:

Focus time and resources on creating applications rather than configuring complex device software
Dynamically build and manage multiple software development kits (SDKs) on a variety of hardware platforms
Securely access applications and devices from anywhere
Easily allow partners and other third parties to develop and modify applications

What Is App Cloud?

Power Your IoT Application Development
with Wind River Rocket

To help start your embedded projects, App Cloud comes with Rocket, our free, real-time operating system (RTOS) for small, embedded devices.

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App Cloud Helps You Make the Most of Your IoT Investments

Reduce Development Costs

Eliminate the costs of maintaining specialized engineering resources.

Open Up Access

Easily provide IoT application access to any team member or partner.

Support Agile Practices

Free teams from traditional limitations dictated by hardware-related project dependencies.

Speed Development

Quickly build applications for a wide variety of architectures and devices.

Customize Freely

Localize and customize any device, regardless of location.

Protect Investments

Upgrade and refresh all your devices easily.