Wind River License Help

How to Locate Your License

Two documents were included in your shipment: One is intended for developers who will use the product, and the other is intended for license administrators who are responsible for deployment and management of the software in your organization. Your license number can be found on these forms.

License Administrator

License Administrator





  • Associated with products and service contracts

License Authorization Code (LAC)

  • Additional security for license administration for developers

License Administration Token (LAT)

  • Additional security for license administration for administrators

What are licenses used for?

  • Product licensing

  • Access to Wind River® Support Network

  • Product renewals

  • Service contracts renewals

Why are licenses important?

You cannot use your product until you have activated your product (license registration).

Your license is tied to service contracts; it is used to determine your entitlement to support services (Wind River Support Network, Technical Service Requests, etc.).

Have Wind River Send You Your License

Still can't find your license? Receive your license via email.

In a hurry?

If you need to open a License Request right now, please do one of the following:


Location Telephone Number
North/South America, Asia/Pacific 800 872 4977 (800 USA 4WRS)
Japan 81 3 5778 6001
Europe, Middle East, Africa 800 4977 4977

Send an email to the appropriate email address below:

Location Email Address
North/South America, Asia/Pacific
Europe, Middle East, Africa

Be sure to include:

  • Your name

  • Your company name

  • Your location

  • Your project name

  • Your email address or your phone number (we must have a way to contact you)

  • Describe the problem as completely as possible

  • Attach any relevant source code showing the problem