Application Development for the IoT Era

Embedded Application Development Moves to the Cloud


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The Internet of Things (IoT) will include a far greater diversity of devices on the Internet, but most of the companies that build these new devices will not invest the resources necessary to create comprehensive software environments or toolsets for building apps for them. Yet the vast majority of IoT application developers are only interested in the application layer, with little or no interest in the operating system or other system internals. A different approach is needed: Wind River® Helix™ App Cloud, a simplified cloud-based embedded application development environment. With App Cloud, embedded developers no longer need to be physically located next to a device or machine, or have unique embedded qualifications to build, deploy, and modify an IoT application.


  • Master the challenges and seize the opportunities in this new era
  • Adopt a more holistic design approach to meet the intrinsic demands of IoT
  • Incorporate the lessons learned across the IoT landscape in your new product designs